Carbon Fibre-look Garment Vinyl


Carbon fibre-look black vinyl for decorating fabrics. Widith 0.5m and priced at per half metre. ie 1 unit will get you 0.5 x 0.5m, 2 units will be 1 x 0.5m, and so on.

  • Suitable for use on polyester and cotton fabrics. The manufacturer does not recommend this for stretchy fabrics but we have also tested this on cotton jersey and it stretches well with the fabric.
  • Can be washed at up to 60°C or your fabric's recommended temperature, whichever is lower.
  • Can be tumbled dried, depending on your fabric.
  • Not suitable for dry cleaning.

To use:

1. Draw your design onto the SHINY side of the vinyl.

2. Cut out your design and position it on the fabric, SHINY SIDE UP.

3. Press at 150°C for 18 seconds. For most irons 150°C is at the lower end of the polyester range. If your iron does not show exact temperatures, test with sample pieces first. Remember to check if your fabric can work with this temperature!

4. Wait for it to cool down, then peel off shiny layer (note that this is different from our other vinyls which are hot peel!) and it's done.

Always practice on some scrap first!

If you have a contour cutter and a heat press, use this vinyl as you normally would with those equipment.