More shipping option updates (this time, international)

More shipping option updates (this time, international)

Over the Christmas period we've been revising our international shipping prices options to keep up to date with the latest changes. While prices have gone up in some places, we've actually managed to negotiate slightly better deals for a few delivery destinations!

Better options for medium weight packages

In the past, all packages over 2kg would have to go with a much more expensive  courier option as many national postal services didn't deal with heavier packages as a "standard" service. This has now been extended. For some countries, we can now offer more reasonable prices for 2-10kg packages that would go through a standard service, without needing to use an expensive courier.

Changes to European Union orders over 150EUR

For packages over 150EUR IOSS limit, taxes and fees will need to be paid to local authorities when the customer receives the package. Previously we folded these costs into the shipping price (a "delivery duty prepaid DDP" service), but it made the price quotes very inaccurate particularly for orders near the 150EUR boundary.

We are looking for methods to reinstate DDP in an accurate way! There are existing options but it would cost us ££££ in subscription a year which isn't feasible for a business our size, but we will keep searching.

We do know that paying for taxes and fees to get packages released is not ideal, and the fees for some countries are much higher than others. For now, if you have an order over 150EUR (you'll know at the checkout page and see that tax hasn't been added) and would rather get it sent DDP so you can skip the fees, please contact us at with a screenshot of your basket/list of the items, and the delivery address, and we'll get it sorted for you! DDP has to be done by courier so do expect higher shipping price.