Wigs2 - Level Up! by Kukkii-san (signed)


We have a small number of signed copies!

Wigs² – Level Up! is your hand-holding guide to ponytail wigs, updos and advanced styling techniques with foam core and extension hair. This book will teach you how to create styles that defy gravity.

This book is written in English, 21 x 21cm in size, with 92 full-color pages on how to:

  • Put a wig in a high ponytail, and what challenges you need to overcome
  • Use the "stubbing" method to create round hair buns, long and poofy ponytails, ninja ponytails and top knots that need extra support, thick braids or hair loops, and wigs with multiple ponytails.
  • Back part a wig for multiple tails

There is so much in this 92-page book - check the contents page in the pictures! With clear instructions and photos, your wig skills will level up with this book!