Wigs 101 by Kukkii-san (signed)


We have a small number of signed copies!

Kukkii-san has been cosplaying and running wig panels at events for over a decade! Her first wig tutorial book will teach you everything you need to know about your first wigs, with the material she has taught in numerous basic wig panels. Wigs 101 is the perfect companion for beginners and a short & sweet reference book for seasoned cosplayers!

This book is written in English, 21 x 21cm in size, with 32 full-color pages on how to:

  • Find the perfect wig and what to watch out for when you buy one
  • Put on regular wigs and lace-front wigs correctly
  • Detangle your wig and take care of it
  • Cut a wig
  • Whip up simple styles: straightening, shaping with heat and hairspray, moving the parting on a wig