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Mid-Brown Lace Section - White


These are the same quality as our regular lace sections, except the lace colour is a mid-brown (somewhere between the beige and the brown lace.) These are one-offs and will not be restocked!

Add these to your wigs to make them into a lacefront, or even lace "back" if you put them on the back (great for updos). You can sew or glue them on, just in front of the front edge of the wig. Do note that this will make the front of the wig sit lower on your forehead. You can also trim the front of the wig as close to the cap as you can and then sew/carefully glue your lace section on top. Also great for sideburns, matching colour beards... there are many ways you can use the lace sections!


  • Wefted area: 15 x 3.5cm
  • Whole lace area: 18 x 13cm
  • Length: 20cm
  • Fibre: heat resistant fibre