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Florence (37 colours)

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Wig Colour

Restock in Q1 2024: chestnut brown, black, natural black
New colours arriving in Q1 2024: muted red, cherry, rose pink, soft pink, pink blonde, ginger, peachy copper, primrose yellow, milkmaid blonde, baby blue, purple, deep purple

Colours can appear different depending on lighting and screen settings. If ever in doubt, check first by getting colour samples or a colour ring.

Florence, the long & straight lacefront wig

Florence is a 80cm / 31½ inches long straight wig similar to our Alex, but as a lacefront style.

Lacefront wigs are great for swept-back style where the hairline is visible. Fibres are hand-tied to the lace to create the illusion of hair growing from the wearer's scalp.

Due to the way the wefts at the crown are sewn to point backwards, this wig is better suited to styles where most or all of the hair needs to be brushed back. We do not recommend using this style for high ponytails, up dos or styles that require pulling the fibres upwards, as the wefts are sewn pointing back and down.

To wear a lacefront wig, trim the lace to suit. You can leave it as it is or stick it down using pros-aide, wig glue or wig tape. The lace is in a medium beige colour, if your skin is much darker or lighter in shade then you may need to apply a bit of makeup to help hide the joint.

This style is currently available in 23 colours, the range will gradually expand to cover our entire standard range.

This wig is made of heat resistant fibres. We recommend using 160-180°C for dry styling (200°C maximum.) Steam styling also works well. As the fibres are synthetic, they should be left to cool/dry before styling tools are taken out, in order for the style to set.

Special colour notes

Prosecco: we use a colour mix for our Pale Yellow Blonde shade, but the proportions of each fibre went a bit awry, resulting what we're calling Prosecco. It's somewhere between our standard Pale Yellow Blonde and Champagne. This colour is one-off, not repeatable.

Silver Oyster: we found our mix for the Oyster colour came out a bit differently this time, so we've called it Silver Oyster. It is nearly identical to the Oyster colour, but a little bit cooler in shade. This colour is one-off, not repeatable.

Wig Construction Details for Florence

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  • 2 inches deep band of hand-tied fibres on beige soft lace, from ear to ear. This depth is slightly less at the temples/above the end of the eyebrows (approx. 1¾ inches) to mimic the natural shape of the hairline.
  • Wefted cap with flower net top. Wefts sewn across flower net in horizontal rows, with fibres pointing backwards.
  • Three combs located near the temples and the back to help secure wig to wearer's head.
  • Cap circumference (unstretched): 58cm / 23"


Get colour samples and matching accessories

Not sure which colour you need? Samples are a great way to check the colour under your lighting condition and feel the fibres in person. We also have accessories in the same colour range for you to use with your wig.