Dylon All-in-1 Dye Pod (20 colours)

by Dylon
Dye Colour

Available in 20 colours, Dylon All-in-1 dye pods are designed for easy fabric dyeing using just the washing machine. No salt, no boiling and no buckets necessary!

To use:

  1. Put damp fabric into the drum of the washing machine. Remove sleeve, peel off lid and put the Dylon colour pod on top of the fabric.
  2. Run full cycle (30°C or 40°C).
  3. Run another cycle (30°C or 40°C) – with detergent

Read leaflet for detailed instructions.

Suitable for: cotton, linen and viscose. Mixes with synthetics will dye to lighter shades. Pure synthetics will not dye.

One pack dyes 600g of fabric to full shade, up to 1.8kg to lighter shades.

This product cannot be shipped to Ireland.