Worbla's flameRed Art - 750 x 1000mm


Weight: 1kg

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The brand new "flame resistant" material for professional users!

Worbla's® flameRed Art (WRA) is certified by DIN 4102-1 (German industry norms) as "B1 - flame resistant." It combines the safety requirements regarding fire protection for the professional sector and the outstanding moulding qualities of the Worbla's® Art series. This high quality material is especially designed for professionals working at theatres, amusement parks, movies and TV where fire safety is paramount.

This non-toxic, solvent-free material is activated by heat (best approx. 80-90° / 175-195°F), at which point it becomes mouldable and shapeable by hand and can be re-activated as often as necessary.

The glue in the WRA is also activated by heat and very strong; edges can be blended very well together until they almost vanish. It also performs well when casting, moulding or used in combination of other materials. Fine filigree details can be achieved.

WRA can be painted with all kind of colours such as acrylics and spray paints. However, it is recommended to prime the surface before painting, as a primer would provide a better grip for paints.

We only keep a low stock of this material, if you require a large amount please contact us at enquiries@coscraft.co.uk. Please also email us if you require extra large 1 x 1.5m sheets.

Key points:

  • Certified by DIN 4102-1 (German Industry Norms) as "B1 - flame resistant".
  • Can be quickly re-heated as often as you want (80-90°C recommended) 
  • Contains a very strong glue and it can be blended very well in order to attach pieces together nearly seamlessly
  • After heating the material has several minutes of working time, and can be reheated as desired
  • Easy, clean and safe to handle
  • Contains no hazardous substances and is solvent-free
  • Excellent modelling features
  • Can be painted with acrylics, spray paints and other paints
  • All leftover can be re-used


Material Safety Data Sheet and DIN Certification

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