Skin Imitator 4-Component System


Skin Imitator is a new direct applied silicone system which can be used to create special effects such as cuts, burns, gunshot wounds, scars and other fleshy trauma. It is softer than alternative products on the market with the same versatility and quality.

This 4-component system also comes with both a Flesh Tone and Clear Part-B, allowing for a broader range of casualty effects to be created from one kit. The Flesh Tone Part-B is a medium skin tone, while the Clear Part-B enables you to pigment the silicone to your desired colour.

The kit comes packed in a handy and re-usable zip-up bag containing:

  • 1 x 50ml Part A Silicone
  • 1x 50ml Part B Clear Silicone
  • 1x 50ml Park B Coloured Silicone
  • 1x 50ml Part C Softener
  • 2x Mixing Sticks
  • Instruction Sheet

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How To Use Skin Imitator (SFX Casualty Makeup)