Wigs 3D by Kukkii-san (signed)


We have a small number of signed copies!

Wigs 3D is your next level wig styling guide: how to cut bangs, add volume to your wig, style curls and spikes - from natural looks to crazy hairstyles!

This book is written in English, 21 x 21cm in size, with 92 full-color pages on how to:

  • Achieve a natural cut by shaping the fibres and cutting in layers

  • Trim and curl fringes

  • Add volume to the wig with wefts, fibre teasing and foam cores

  • Style curls, and how to look after the curls

  • Style spikes both big and small

There is so much in this 92-page book - check the contents page in the pictures! With clear instructions and photos, your wig skills will level up with this book!